Rachel’s Recap: The Bachelor, Week Five


Sorry I am writing this so much later than usual:  needed some time to process this mess of an episode. Let’s get to it:

Adios, Alayah

The Lord has answered my prayer. At the start of the episode, Peter talked to Alayah alone and told her it was time to say goodbye. I celebrated with a victory dance. I usually write a lot on this chick, but I’ve decided she is not worth my time and effort. Nice knowing you. Bye, brat!

Golf Cart: 1 Peter: 0

Quickly after the girls arrived in Costa Rica, Peter showed up with 22 stitches on his forehead. He then proceeded to tell the girls that he was on a trail in the jungle when he came face to face with a puma. Really, Peter? I could’ve done better than that. However, I do understand his embarrassment of telling the girls the truth – that he hit his head on a golf cart. Real smooth, Mr. Bachelor.

 Pura Vida

This week, Sydney was the lucky one who got a one on one with Peter and flew over the Costa Rica jungle. Things get real awkward when he admits that she is the best kisser. I guess that is nice compliment, but if she’s not the one you choose, and your wife is watching that…good luck. However, things took a turn at dinner when Sydney reveals her life in high school and what it was like growing up as mixed race in Alabama. She shares how she was bullied and even ate her lunch in the bathroom stall her senior year. Sydney, tell me who was mean to you and I’ll fight ‘em. Although, her vulnerability did pay off as she received a rose.

Cosmopolitan Chaos

Oh yeah, just another ordinary group date – with the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan. In short, the girls got in swimsuits and posed with the pilot. Whoever did the best, gets to be on the cover with Peter in the March issue. *jaw drop* However, I was not a fan of three girls posing with Peter, and one kissing him while the others just stand and smile like nothing is happening? I would have been so uncomfortable like who just makes out in front of the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan?

 Come on, Kelley

I love Kelley, but she had a weird vibe on her one on one. It might just be that she was actually acting mature, which viewers are not used to seeing. Long story short, Peter confronted her at the dinner about if she was on the same page as him and here for the right reasons. Luckily, Kelley was able to reassure him and accepted a rose. If Kelley would have gone home before some of those other girls, I would have thrown the remote at the tv.

 Kelsey vs. Tammy

Catfight! Basically, Kelsey had a weeping session with a glass of wine, which Tammy called a mental breakdown. Tammy then decided to explain to all the other girls how she is concerned that Kelsey has a drinking problem. If you’re wondering, she wasn’t doing this because she cared about Kelsey’s health, but because she wanted Kelsey out of the house. Of course, she proceeds to tell Peter how Kelsey is “emotionally unstable” and Kelsey, of course, finds out. The next day, Kelsey decided to go see Peter and tell her truth. As a result, she got a rose right then and there. I’m sure you can imagine how awkward that was walking back up to the girls holding a rose. Yikes. And now there is no cocktail party, just a rose ceremony. But of course, Tammy stopped him right as he was starting so she could to talk to him. Tammy, what don’t you understand? No cocktail party means no alone time with Peter before the rose ceremony. If you can’t tell, I’m getting a little frustrated with tattle-tale Tammy.

Okay, rant is done. Or at least until next week.