Rachel’s Recap: The Bachelor, Weeks Seven and Eight

Pilot Peter is uncoordinated.

Pilot Peter is uncoordinated.

Editor’s note: Because of Winter Break, we are combining Rachel’s re-cap of weeks 7 and 8 into a single re-cap.

The Bachelor: Week 7

 I knew hometown week would be dramatic, but not THIS dramatic. Let’s go over Peter’s visit to each of their families.

Foxy Knoxy

Considering Hannah Ann is from Knoxville, Peter had the perfect opportunity to use the pick-up line, “Are you from Tennessee? ‘Cause you’re the only ten-I-see” but he didn’t (eye roll). Apparently, in Tennessee, you take your boyfriends axe throwing to test their manliness, or at least according to Hannah Ann. Good thing Hannah Ann’s dad wasn’t around for that. Daddy Rick is pretty protective over his daughter. I mean I understand, she is like 12. He even told the pilot not to tell Hannah Ann that he loved her, unless he really meant it. Well, he must’ve really meant it, cause he told Hannah Ann he was falling in love with her right after that conversation.

 Iowa + Wine

Yay……Iowa? Kelsey’s idea to make their own wine was super cute, until the camera got all up close and personal on their feet mushing the grapes. Nasty. Kelsey’s family was adorable though, and it is quite obvious that family means a lot to her. The family loved Peter but her mom was quite intimidating when she told Peter to not break her daughter’s heart, followed by an aggressive “Do you understand?” Yikes. I was scared of her, and I’m thousands of miles away from the lady. Also, Kelsey’s mom is exactly what Kelsey will look like in 20 years. Freaky.


We got to watch Madi in her natural habitat as she took Peter into the Auburn Arena to shoot some hoops, along with a video of Charles Barkley telling Peter to treat her right. Considering Madison’s dad is an Auburn basketball coach, I knew she must’ve been good, but she schooled Peter. Between axe throwing and basketball, Peter must not be very coordinated. But he can fly a plane, so that evens it out. Madison’s family is just as perfect as she is, and her dad is such a nugget [ed. note: what even is a “nugget?”]. However, Madison’s family is concerned about Peter and Madi’s compatibility along with the faith-based “decisions” Madi has made for herself. She admits that she is thinking realistically now, and it seemed like she might be doubting if they are meant to be. The most heartbreaking moment was when she didn’t tell him she was falling in love with him before he left. However, I trust whatever Madi decides to do.

 Victoria F, Please Get Out.

Y’all. I cannot stand this holy terror anymore. She has got to go. The only thing I enjoyed watching during their time in Virginia Beach was watching her dog play in the water. The date they go on goes extremely well (although I knew it was too good to be true) as they danced to Hunter Hayes singing live. Peter sang the Hunter’s famous lyrics, “I want crazy.” Well, Peter, you wanted crazy, you got crazy. Things started to go down hill when Marissa, Peter’s ex from years ago warns him about Victoria F. Look at that! Another red flag! As always, Victoria freaks out when she is confronted and claims she is “disgusted.” Peter stood up for himself and asked “Do you ever fight for anything you really want?” MIC DROP. Long story short, Victoria F cries and blah blah blah and Peter leaves. Yep. Leaves without meeting her family. Now you would think after about the 5674th fallout he would just send her home, right? Wrong. He “sees potential.” Then you my dear Peter, are blind.

 The boy sent Kelsey home. Kelsey goes home after confessing her love, and the fake Victoria now gets to go to Australia. She does not deserve it. I’m proud of Kelsey though for handling herself very well as our dumb and foolish bachelor walked her out. #JusticeforKelsey


The Bachelor: Week 8

It is FANTASY SUITE WEEK! Considering this is a school newspaper, I will allow you to look up what that means on your own. This week brought excitement for two of the women, and anxiety for another. Just keep reading.

Jet Ski Joyride

Hannah Ann’s date in Australia consisted of going on a jet ski with her bachelor. Not to sound like a horrible person but I would go on this show just for the trips. You would think this would be the highlight of her day right? Or maybe the moment he said he’s falling in love with her? I don’t think so. I think it was after dinner when she got a note from Chris Harrison with a key to the fantasy suite (*wink wink*). I think it was overall a “fun” date…?

Why is Victoria still here?!

Yeah okay, they had a good date this week, blah blah. But I still believe the girl is T O X I C. I’m just not a fan of the Victoria vibes. Peter admitted that everything in their relationship was great except their communication. Boy, I’m single as a Pringle and even I know thats like the most important part of a relationship. Oh, then he legit looks at her and tries to comfort her by saying “its just the two of us,” as if the rest of the United States of America isn’t staring at them. I don’t know who I hate more at this point. Peter is all like “I want to be challenged in a relationship and Victoria challenges me.” No no Peter, let’s not get confused. Little miss satan isn’t “challenging” you, she’s just straight up manipulating you like her life depends on it. What on earth does he see in her? What does she see in him? Help.

Madison and Morals

I propose that we make Madison Prewett the Queen of America. Snaps for her because she stayed true to herself. For those who don’t know the specifics, Madi made it clear to Peter that she would have trouble continuing in this relationship if he were to go to the fantasy suite with the other women. Some say it is an ultimatum because she knew she signed up to date a man who had multiple girlfriends. However, I see where she is coming from, it would be hard to accept an engagement when six days earlier he was in the fantasy suite with another woman. Madi also admitted that she saving herself for marriage and isn’t going to change who is she is for him. Yes yes YES! I love her. Also, can we just talk about how the other girls are like “I might lose him” but Madison says “he might lose me” …

ICONIC. Despite Peter’s begging, the show ended with Madi walking away. Is she gone for good?

Tune in next week as the promo shows many tears…some even from Peter’s mom?