Rachel’s Recap: The Bachelor, Week Ten


We have made it to the double digits, y’all! This week’s episode picked up from the rose ceremony last week and quickly transitioned into the “women tell all,” a week that all of Bachelor Nation looks forward to because we get to see some of our favorite contestants again.

 The Rose Ceremony

Peter was so emotional, and I couldn’t help but laugh because all the pain he is going through is his fault. He is so upset that Madison is frustrated with him. She literally told him beforehand if he was intimate with anyone else she would have trouble with it. Did that just go in one ear and out the other or…? Also, Victoria F went home! I have been waiting for this moment for so long and it finally happened! My prayers were answered! However, when Madison got the last rose, she was clearly hesitant to accept it. Frankly, I would have loved  to have seen her say no. Hopefully that part will come next week.

 The Women Tell All

The time has finally come. We get to be back with our favorites. However, I was a little bummed that Natasha and Kelley weren’t there. They were pretty important to this season but whatevs. But yes, we got to see McKenna, Tammy, Kelsey, Alayah, and others all in one room again. I had to turn the volume down due to some yelling that occurred — mostly out of Tammy’s mouth.

Kelsey came down to the floor with Chris Harrison and we all got to relive my favorite moment…the champagne “finasco.” But I will say, Kelsey did own up to everything that happened that night, reminding all of us that she “never said she was sober!”

Victoria F also made her way down to the floor and got super emotional explaining how she didn’t realize how much he loved her. He dealt with you for that long so um he definitely loved you. I would have booted her and her attitude out so fast. Also, she claims that she never broke up relationships, but I don’t believe her — sorry not sorry Victoria.

 Next week is a two night event! Get ready, Bachelor Nation!