Rachel’s Recap: The Bachelor, Episode Three


Rachel’s nemesis, Alayah.

And we’re back.

This week’s episode was quite the rollercoaster with Demi coming back, Victoria P opening up about her mom’s struggle with addiction, and the never-ending cat fight between Sydney and Alayah. If you weren’t able to watch the drama live last night, here is what you missed:


Former (Season 23) Bachelor contestant Demi Burnett made an unforgettable return to get the girls ready for their group date with Peter. Demi came into the house at dawn with a megaphone along with her two sidekicks, “Champagne” and “Killer,” who initiated a pillow fight with the contestants as a way to wake them up. She strutted in saying “I’m back, [word that rhymes with witches]!” and if you know Demi at all, then you know this was no surprise. For the group date, the girls chosen participated in “Demi’s Extreme Pillow Fight Club.” Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the fact that she gave each girl a specific pajama sets to wear. Many received cute satin pajamas, while my girl Savannah received a floral muumuu, which is a nightgown version of a maxi dress.

In all honesty, it was a weird group date. Viewers just watched the girls hit each other with pillows (which soon escalated to them tackling each other) with feathers flying everywhere.

Victoria P’s adorable date

Victoria P has been a front runner since the beginning, and her date with Peter on Monday night proved why. The pilot and the pretty blonde spent time playing dress up in a western-style store, where he taught her to line dance. Can he get any cuter? Our Bachelor then took Victoria P to “The Canyon,” which is a western style bar with line dancing. I know for a fact I am not the only one who enjoyed watching our pilot play cowboy for the night! However, the night got more serious as Victoria P confessed her tough childhood to sweet Peter, explaining how her mom fell into addiction after losing her father, and she had to be the rock for her sister. Peter was abundantly supportive, and he even added his own charming story to cheer her up. He shared how right before the holidays he prayed for his future wife and while he did, a shooting star passed over him. He quickly added by saying he has this feeling that his wife is in the mansion, or even possibly sitting with him. Absolutely precious. I love him.

Sydney vs. Alayah

Alayah was irrelevant before Monday’s episode, so I had no reason to be bothered by her. However, after this week’s episode, I had never been happier to see a contestant leave so fast. Usually I like for the drama queens to stick around for entertainment purposes, but this chick was frustrating to even look at. She consistently reminded everyone how she was a “pageant girl.” She obviously has not watched this show before because there are ALWAYS pageant girls. She’s not special, just fake. Lucky for us, Sydney called her out on it. How her voice goes up five octaves when she talks to certain people, how she is always “on” for the cameras, the fact that she sounds rehearsed every time she talks, etc. Alayah just simply used the “that’s just who I am” excuse to the accusations. If that really is just her personality, that is so unfortunate. Peter decided to ask his beloved Victoria P her opinion, and exposed Alayah for asking her to lie to the producers that they knew each other from pageants. Busted. After many tears and whiny interviews to the camera, petty Alayah got sent home. Thank the Bachelor Gods.

And now we wait for week 4. The teasers were right, this is a bumpy flight.

*Oh and update on champagne “finasco” of last week: Kelsey admitted she doesn’t even really like champagne. Are you kidding me?