Senior Predictions


We asked seniors to predict where they will be in ten years. Here is how they answered…

Dami Olatosi Residency

Hattie Finlay Sitting by the pool with two bulldogs

Meredith Wallinger Hopefully successful. Either a psychiatrist, world traveler, or flight attendant

Betsy Haile Married with kids and a job

Kate Oliver Married with kids

Maddie Miller Traveling, married

James Kitchens With a job in business in the southeast.

Laurie Smith Married (possibly with a kid) and traveling around the world. Also working occasionally

Anna Weaver With a family and stable job

Rachel McCutchen Married with a husband, have a dog and maybe my first child. Living in a different state working with children in hospitals 🙂

Reece Holbrook Chasing my dreams, inspiring others

Justin Dunn Hopefully as a trophy husband

Maddy Best Graduate from law school and be working at a law firm in Manhattan.

Elizabeth Peters With a better haircut.

Jones DuBose No clue

Harris Jackson Hopefully happy and successful in what I’m trying to achieve in life.

Jack Word Not sure

Daniel Johnson Not sure

Connor Lynn Doing something with cars or baseball.

Ryan Aiton An officer in the Army

Walker Barrett Professional poker player

Savannah Tomlin Traveling the world being a travel nurse

Laura McLeod Somewhere new painting

Houston Reed Somewhere on a beach

Meredith McLeod Working in a big city and traveling to end out my 20s!

Veronica Vogt Finished graduate school, traveling a lot, making lots of art

Olivia Davidson I see myself living out west and working as a psychologist for adolescents.

Claire Lewis Fortune 500 company

Blake Weinbach Somewhere on a stage with a guitar

Sarah Helen McNair Hopefully will have a good job maybe in the field of real estate

Oscar Augenstein 6 years into a career

Isaac Dubinsky Somewhere within the tech industry

Andy Chow Living a comfortable life

Ryan Kane Alive and employed

Owen Hales Hopefully employed and happy

Henry Cole Employed

Austin Boatwright Working for a rich guy and making 120K

Brig Brannon I don’t think that far into the future. I don’t know what’s for dinner tonight

Will Osborne At best I’ll have financed a water bed and possibly leased a duplex.

Ashleigh Currier Business or law school

Gretchen McMeekin Thriving in Charleston working as Director of Family Ministries

Barrett Campbell Business or dental school