Getting to Know: Lauren Scott


English Edens

Lauren Scott throws the ball up for a layup.

Tiana Primus, Writer

At Hammond, we are known to have new students transfer from different schools to better their education, sports, and for other personal reasons. One new face in particular, who also happens to be a student athlete, has been shining on the basketball court for her first season on Hammond’s team. Her name is Lauren Scott. While many have seen her walking around campus for classes, what she does in and out of school is a mystery to many. Lauren gave us insight on being new to Hammond, basketball, and what she’s doing when she’s not on the court.

Tiana: Where are you originally from?

Lauren:: I’m originally from Columbia, South Carolina.

T: Who or what inspired you to play basketball?

L: My older cousin and uncle had a big influence on me when it came down to playing basketball.

T: What is the difference between your previous school’s basketball and Hammond’s basketball?

L: The difference between my old school and Hammond is that at Ridge View, everyone’s primary sport there was either basketball or football, so it wasn’t as hard to find players to play. But Hammond provides a new structure and culture, which I enjoy.

T: How do you practice outside of school?

L: Outside of school, I work out with my trainers and coaches.

T: What was the experience of being new on the team?

L: My experience on Hammond Girls’ basketball team was great! I enjoyed playing with each and every one of my teammates, and the push my coaches gave me made it even better.

T: How was your first season at Hammond?

L: My first season with Hammond was a big change for me. It brought out the good in me somedays and the bad, but it also challenged me to be a better player on and off the court.

T: What are you looking for to in the next season?

L: Next season, I’m looking forward to getting closer with my teammates on and off the court, and just becoming a better leader and encourager.

T: On days when you’re not in school and practicing for basketball, what are you doing and where would people find you?

L: When I’m not in school or at practice, people can usually find me hanging with my family and friends.