Rachel’s Recap: The Bachelor, Week Six


These three women are *very* excited to be going on a date with Peter.

And so we continue. Also, for those wondering why I did not review last Wednesday night’s episode, I only committed to Monday nights, sorry not sorry.

Anyways, the show is getting more and more intense as there are fewer and fewer women. Here’s the tea from Monday night:

Just give Madison the ring

They can just end the show now. Madison is obviously the best for Peter. The fan favorite (who he calls “Madi”) got another one-on-one in Lima, Peru. They spent time being tourists and even got on a boat and went fishing. They could literally be cloud-watching and my heart would still melt. Later that evening at dinner, Madi confessed how deeply rooted she is in her faith, and that she would like her future husband to be a spiritual leader for her family. After a pause of awkward silence, Peter admitted although he did grow up in a religious household, he believes his faith could be stronger. He quickly moved on to dropping a bomb, telling the Auburn native he is falling in love with her. Dang. Obviously, he gives her a rose which means we can look forward to seeing this dynamic duo in Auburn next week for hometowns!

Natasha’s One-on-One — Finally!

Poor girl was the only one who had not had a one-on-one with the bachelor – until this week! Although I was happy for her, I couldn’t stop cringing. Natasha is super cool, don’t get me wrong, but there is no spark, none. No lie, I think I could connect better to a banana than she can to Peter. Awkward tension arose at their dinner when Natasha confessed to Peter that she thinks things are going great between them and wants to stay with him. Peter continued to follow his heart and admitted that he could not give her the rose. I think its safe to say this is not how she planned her first (and last) one-on-one going.

Keeping up with Kelsey

Kelsey gets her second one-on-one this weekend, and it was actually adorable. They rode ATV’s up mountains in Peru. My future boyfriend better take notes for date ideas. At dinner, she opened up more about her family. For instance, her mom makes really good chocolate chip cookies, and I want some. She also admitted that she is now back in contact with her father (who left her family when she was in middle school), but her mother has no idea. I’m shook. Peter gives her a rose which means we are going to Iowa next week to meet her family. I literally forgot Iowa was a state like what are they going to do there? Shuck corn?

Victoria F on the 3 on 1

Ok just a quick rant about this chick. When she got alone time with Peter on her extremely awkward and uncomfortable date (along with Hannah Ann and Kelley),  she called Peter out saying he is “always in a mood.” Hmm, maybe its a hint he doesn’t like you?? But she has no room to talk. The girl cant even look him in the eyes when she talks to him, not to mention she cries in a corner every time they meet. As Kelley said, she is a hot mess.

Hannah Ann on the 3 on 1

Nothing much to talk about other than her notepad she gave Peter with the list of reasons of why she is falling in love with him. First of all, cheesy. Second of all, Peter, if she puts hearts as the dot on her i’s, she is too young for you. Period.

 Bachelor producers: don’t even try.

It is quite obvious the producers tried to make Kelley look like the villain this week by the way they edited all her clips. It’s impossible, Kelley is an icon. By her saying she was an attorney, the producers probably hoped we would see Kelley as self centered. Nope. Heck, if I went to law school and passed that bar exam, I’d have lawyer written all over me so people knew. Peter continuously gets upset with Kelley for using the word “fun” to describe their relationship. Would you like for her to be bored with you? I think Peter has trouble understanding women who don’t complicate a relationship and don’t cry every four seconds. Much to our disappointment, he sent Kelley home, but luckily she fired back telling him to figure out what he needs to figure out, and that she is doesn’t need him wasting her time. Mic drop. Kelley for bachelorette.

Next week is hometowns, y’all. Buckle up.